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XVI. Why pray for Israel

  • Introduction
  • XVI.A. Presuppositions for intercessory prayer
    1. Prayer is addressed to God whose character is unchanging
    2. The Torah law has never been annulled
    3. Repentance unto the forgiveness of sin is an unchanging principle
    4. The existence of generational, collective/corporate and national sin are biblical presuppositions
    5. Individual and corporate responsibility are complementary
    6. Individual and collective guilt (for instance generational sin) coexist
    7. Repentance over generational sin
  • XVI.B. Examples of intercessory prayer
    1. Intercessory (priestly, substitutionary) prayer identifying with the people's guilt
    2. Prayer in relations to one's forefathers
    3. Confession on behalf of the sins of others (intergenerational solidarity)
      1. 3.a. for the forgiveness of the sins for past generations (see XVI. A.6)
      2. 3.b. identifying with the sinfulness of others in seeking for one's own sins
  • XVI.C. He is waiting for Israel to return
  • XVI.D. Prayer for the sake of Jerusalem (see section V)
  • XVI.E. False prophets deceive them
  • XVI.F. To provoke Israel to jealousy
  • XVI.G. Because of His faithfulness in spite of their disobedience
  • XVI.H. The main obstacle has been removed, the two are one
  • XVI.I. To remove the blindness of Israel
  • XVI.J. the battle is a spiritual one (for background see VI. Antisemitism, and XII. the Reality of the invisible world)
  • XVI.K. for many other reasons

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admin-pem — 10 November 2007, 22:33

Conclusion: wiki is stubbornly 'decimal' and ignores all else. If that is the case we will have no other choice.

admin — 10 November 2007, 22:31

How does one avaoid the dual numbering in 3.a and still keep the indent produced by #### ?

admin-pem — 10 November 2007, 22:29

no way!

admin-pem — 10 November 2007, 22:29

no way!

admin-pem — 10 November 2007, 22:27

Wiki's decimal classification is not very helpful. Note under XVI.B.3. instead of simply leting the 3.a and 3.b stand it numbers those items additionally. What is the symbol used to avoid this dual numbering and yet keep the indent? Should we try >>?