Mar 30, 2020


XVI. J. the battle is a spiritual one (for background see VI. Antisemitism, and XII. the Reality of the invisible world)

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Reference Relevant Comments
Num 10:35 Rise up, o Lord!
Josh 5:13-15
1Sam 1:3 (first mention of 'YHWH of [heavenly] armies' 'tsava,' pl. 'tsva'ot,' occurs 450x)
Dan 11:32
Ps 68:1-2,4
Ps 83:1-8 enemies to be defeated
Ps 149:1-9
Isa 63:18-64:12 our enemies have trampled down your sanctuary
2Kgs 19:14-19 (how to deal with inflammatory messages and lies, even if they contain partial truths; for context see 2Chron 32:18-19; 2Kgs 19; Isa 36-37)
John 19:37
1Cor 10:1-6 [OT examples = NT models or types including warfare, compare 'the battle is the Lord's 1Sam 17:46-47]
Eph 6:11-20
1Thes 5:2-6 (peace / destruction)
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Sergey — 08 April 2013, 00:08

You know I followed the link to this site exctpeing a reasoned article I'm still undecided.Instead we get this. An argument about the nature of an electoral voting system can't be decided on the basis of which particular candidates you happen to prefer at the present time, or recent past. It can only sensibly be debated in terms of how well it represents the will of the electorate.That is of course unless you are intent on skewing the electoral system in favour of your own party regardless of any notion of democratic accountability.Also whilst it's perfectly possible to look at a previous AV election result, and determine how it would have turned out under FPTP the same is not true the other way round since no second or subsequent preferences were cast in the last General Election, any attempt to project a result under AV has to be pure conjecture.It would appear that you are campaigning in favour of a No to AV vote so how on earth is this twisted logic supposed to appeal to those who are not Conservatives, and those Conservatives who care about democracy, rather than just short term political gain ?You have perhaps forgotten that almost 60% of the votes cast when you were elected were votes against you, and that your majority represented only 27% of the electorate in your constituency.Is that fair ? Is that democratic ? Convince me I am genuinely a floating voter on this issue with misgivings about both AV and the existing FPTP system.