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THE ABRAHAMIC COVENANT - a PowerPoint study (by Prof. Dr. Geoff Barnard) © READ FIRST!

The Abrahamic Covenant © YouTube 47:13 mp4 163.2 MB

The Roots of the Holocaust - a PowerPoint study (by Prof. Dr. Geoff Barnard) © READ FIRST!

1. The Scientific Roots - From Darwin to Hitler © YouTube 25:55 mp4 111.3 MB
2. The Pagan Roots - The Nazis and the Occult © YouTube 22:00 mp4 116.9 MB
3. The Political Roots - Zion, for whom no-one cares © YouTube 31.01 mp4 85.5 MB
4. The Religious Roots - A Brief History of Christian Antisemitism © YouTube 41:44 mp4 144.7 MB
5. The Biblical Roots - What the Bible says about the Holocaut © YouTube 32:21 mp4 115.0 MB


Signs and Wonders ©

Coincidence or Significance? Warning or Encouragement? Rapture or No Rapture? How to interpret the Four Red Moon Tetrad of 2014 / 2015? Is this theory bluff and hype or more?

pdf -- -- -- --

Why Chanukah is a matter of Life and Death - a PowerPoint study (by Geoff Barnard) © READ FIRST!

Chanukah I © YouTube 35:36 mp4 88.2MB
Chanukah II © YouTube 45:42 mp4 185.5MB
Chanukah III © YouTube 13:51 mp4 60.1MB
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From Abraham to Egypt Calling of Abraham, Origin of the people of Israel. Most salient events, election, calling, assignment, land promises. 47 slides, pictures and text -- std 1.76Mb

fsl 1.41Mb

std 3.49 Mb fsl 2.76Mb doc


From Egypt to the promised land continuation of the above.

Exodus, giving of the Law at Mt Sinaï, journey accross the desert, obedience and disobedience, first kings, dispersion and return. some 50 slides [For the time being only in German (pw: vogelaegypten05) To be translated.

-- -- -- -- --
Israel - the Olive Tree The olive tree in the Bible is often mentioned as a symbol for the people of Israel.

Sequence of relevant Scripture passages, pictures and text, 47 slides

mht 5.65Mb

pdf/ppt 4.74 Mb

std 1.88Mb

fsl 1.55Mb

std 1.84Mb fsl 1.54 doc


Messianic prophecy © Messianic prophecy in the Hebrew Bible. Based on Dr Michael Rydelnik's Course at DTS, Summer 2005. 57 slides, notes and bibliography- (ppt requires password) ppt


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zstd 2Mb

Under His Feet - A Biblical Theology of Authority ©
God's authority, justice & dealings with sin & rebellion in self, family, church and political arenas. TOPICS: Perversion of authority, hardening of the heart & bondage of the will, conscience & accountability, law & faith standards, character education & teen rebellion, honor & holiness code, the true nature of political & ecclesiastical systems compared with theocracy & the Kingdom of Messiah, Just War Theory, the limits of spiritual powers, spiritual abuse, heavenly citizenship, earthly stewardship, Discipline & Restoring covenant relationships in family & church, flesh & Spirit, overcomers & wrestling with God, authority in believer's prayer & praise, spiritual warfare & mission, judging rightly & final judgment, servant leadership, Church, State & Israel. ppt 6.36 Mb (4th rev)

pdf-ppt 2.42 MB (without comments 4th rev. )

pdf-ppt with comments, 4.94 Mb (4th rev.)

-- std 3Mb (4th rev.) fsl-zip 3.9Mb (4th rev.)
presenter comments:

.pdf 650 Kb (4th rev.)

Toward A Theology of Suffering © Suffering has a personal and a corporate dimension. The prophets wrote about sufferings as part of the birthpangs of Israel (the time of 'Jacob's trouble'). We offer this PPT show as a help in preparing Jews and Christians alike for difficult times ahead. May you find answers to difficult questions as you ponder over these slides created for a DTS course project in 2005. ppt 2.56Mb

ppt-zip 1.9MB

std 513Kb

fsl 609Kb

-- zfl 0.9MB --


Signs and Wonders ©

Coincidence or Significance? Warning or Encouragement?

pptx 60MB -- -- -- --


Who do you say that I am? © Introduction.
Learn how to counter these most common Jewish objections to Yeshua's divine messianic claims:

Objection 1:

Jews believe in a physical Messiah not a divine Messiah.

ppt 722Kb; ppt-zip, 499Kb

-- -- -- --
Who do you say that I am? © Objection 2:

Jews believe in a physical Messiah not a divine Messiah.

Objection 2a: God alone is our Savior (Moshia) who needs no mediators
Objection 2b: Messiah's mission is merely political not spiritual

ppt 3.1Mb; ppt-zip, 2.5Mb
-- -- -- --
Who do you say that I am? © Objections 3 and 4:

Objection 3: God does not have a son
Objection 4: Yeshua is a false prophet, blasphemer and idolator

ppt 2.5Mb; ppt-zip 1.9Mb
-- -- -- --
Who do you say that I am © Objections 5 and 6:

Objection 5 The Holy Spirit is not a personal God
Objection 6: The Unity of God is not a complex unity or triunity

ppt 1.3Mb; ppt-zip 922Kb
-- -- -- --

The Great Delusion ©

The Great Delusion © The Anti-Messiah

and the False Bride

ppt 6.1Mb; ppt-zip 4.8Mb -- -- -- --

The Mystery of the Bride © READ FIRST!

I. Introduction: The 5 mysteries in the Bible ©

The 5 mysteries in the Bible, the 2 veils: over Israel and over the nations, intimacy or religiosity, God's dream of bridal love, A Jewish Love story

ppt 798Kb










II. The 1st Mystery: The Bridegroom ©

The Jewish Bridegroom and the Desire of the Nations

ppt 1'331Kb -- -- -- --
III. The 2nd Mystery: The Bride ©

The mystery of the Body of Messiah, The New Creation in the Bride, the harvest of the children of God, The Bride's response, Being Fully Known, The Jewish feasts and the seasons of the Bride, The Mystery in Esther, the Bride divorced, the Prodigal Bride, the Hidden Bride, 4 tasks of the faithful bride

ppt 1'678Kb -- -- -- --
IV. Interlude: The Blindness & the Glory of Israel ©

Godly jealousy, the Sign of Jonah, the Sign of Israel, One Messiah not two, Rejection of the Messiah, The cult of Jewishness, Israel the Scapegoat, Redemption history and Jewish history

ppt 1'832Kb -- -- -- --
V. The 3rd Mystery of Lawlessness and The 4th Mystery of Godliness ©

Slavery to sin, Judgment in the House of God, Babylon, the Bride of Lawlessness, Idols & Myths of the Heart, Offense of the Firstborn, Holy Spirit: the Chaperon for the Bride, Messianic offspring, Bridal Character, Spiritual intimacy, Five pillars of Submission, Messiah's Law Written on the Heart, New Sacrifices, the True Bride Needs not Hide, Espousing the Light of the World

pps 1'765Kb

pdf 18.2Mb ppsx 1'8Mb ppt 2.56Mb all updated 0510

-- -- -- --
VI. The 5th Mystery of Unity: One reconciled Bride ©

God is no bigamist, False unity, More than Skin-Deep, Mystery of "echad" in God's triunity, the spiritual mystery of "one flesh" in marriage, Equal heirs but different roles, Shulamit, Jew-Gentile reconciliation, Isaac-Ishmael reconciliation, Members of one another.

ppt 1'482Kb -- -- -- --
VII. Interlude: The Blind Spot and Apostasy in The Church ©

The first schism: De-Judaizing the faith, Replacement Theology, Inclusive Theology, The Bride splits, the Tares, Warnings to the churches, The purification of memory, the U.N, The E.U, and the Promised Land, biblical Zionism, Christian Zionism

ppt 1'731Kb -- -- -- --
VIII. The Birthpangs of Messiah and The Glory of The Persecuted Bride ©

Rise of antisemitism, the Seduction of the Church, the Great Deception, Christian persecution, terrorism and rumors of war, Temple Mount as Ground Zero, Satan's final solution, Radical evil, Theology of suffering

ppt 2'344Kb -- -- -- --
IX. The Apocalypse (revealing) of The Bridegroom and The Bride ©

The Revealing (apokalypsis) or lifting of the veils, Apocalyptic views, Bridegroom eschatology, Refined remnants, Final aliyah, The Rev 12 Woman, Bridal sign, Rapture and/or Rupture, Two armies, Two feasts, Wedding Banquet of the Lamb, New Jerusalem, Sukkot & the Land. For Bibliography and Links see slides 19 and 20.

ppt 2'168Kb -- -- -- --


Adonai has promised to shake all things that can be shaken so what cannot be shaken may remain (Haggai 2:6-9; Heb 12:25-27). Learn what it means to be on firm ground! Explore biblical Zionism and biblical economics for such a time as this! God’s two special gifts to his people, Torah and the Land where God has set His Name, are under attack! Instead, the nations of the world offer a formula, “Land for Peace.” It’s time to investigate the relationship between Torah and the Land in the Scriptures through covenant blessings and curses, the history of Israel and the nations, migrations, exiles, wars and disasters, and the promised miraculous return (Aliyah) to both Torah and the Land. As the Day draws near, don’t be swept off your feet by the lies of the enemy. So join us as we wrestle together with questions, search out the truth of Scripture, and apply Torah principles to the land issues of the day.
Torah and the Land part 1 © The Land from Eden to Babel 4.57MB -- -- -- --
Torah and the Land part 2 © Land Dynamics from Patriarchs to Moses 3.48MB -- -- -- --
Torah and the Land part 3 © Land Dynamics from Conquest to Exodus 3.2MB -- -- -- --
Torah and the Land part 4 © Land Principles, case-studies 8MB -- -- -- --
Torah and the Land part 5 © Land Dynamics from Nehemiah to Yeshua, Time of Gentiles 4.98MB -- -- -- --
Torah and the Land part 6 © Land Productivity, the Poor and Technopolies 4.9MB -- -- -- --
Torah and the Land part 7 © The Land, Aliens, Refugees, Slaves 8.8MB -- -- -- --
Torah and the Land part 8 © Tikkun Wisdom, Apocalyptic Economics 3.78MB -- -- -- --
Torah and the Land part 9 © Israel, Aliyah, Torah, The Battle for Zion 9.4MB -- -- -- --
Torah and the Land part 10 © Harvest Discipleship 9.6MB -- -- -- --


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