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When we have some spare time, we like to read good books about this subject. See if some of these reviews help you make a decision on buying the books we used (click on the section heading to read the in-depth review):

On the Road to Armageddon

Review of Weber, Timothy P.. On the Road to Armageddon: How Evangelicals Became Israel's Best Friend. 2004. Baker Academic. Grand Rapid. MI.

Salvation is from the Jews?

Review of Schoeman, Roy H. Salvation is fromn the Jews : the role of Judaism in salvation history from Abraham to the second coming . (2003)

Prophecy Study Bible

Review of Prophecy Study Bible, Tim LaHaye Gen. Ed., AMG Publishers 2000, from a messianic-Jewish perspective The Prophecy Study Bible. KJV. Tim LaHaye, Gen. Ed. - with Associate editors Edward Hindson, Thomas, Ice, James Comb. AMG Publishers. 2000.

We Belong to the Land?

Review of Chacour, Elias. We Belong to the Land: The Story of a Palestinian Israeli Who Lives for Peace and Reconciliation. With Mary E. Jensen. New ed., 2001.

Blood Brothers

with David Hazard. Blood brothers: A Palestinian's struggle for reconciliation in the Middle East. . Chosen Books, 2003.

Exploding the Israel Deception

Exploding the Israel Deception was one of the first Christian anti-Zionism publications. See others like Stephen Sizer's Christian Zionism, Wilrens Hornstra or Victoria Clark


Review of Kabbala and Jewish Messiahs (pdf)

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