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Resources: Downloadable 'Israel-pro' Books

While these books for a limited time are offered free of charge, we would appreciate a donation of at least US$ 15.- for each copy in support of the humanitarian project headed by Marianne Duvernoy among the needy of Israel, children, adults and the old. See his list publications in French.
- Please send cheques in US-$, indicating "for one downloaded book", to the following Address
Action Chrétienne pour Israël, A.C.I.
c/o Mme M. Fuchsloch,
chemin de Trapas-Loup 13
1228 Plan-les-Ouates, Switzerland.
- For those that have the possibility of a postal transfer use the following postal account, indicating "for book":
Swiss CCP 12-35-2
Credit Suisse,
CH-1211 Geneve 70
for account 862079-60/4531, CS Neuchatel
1228 PLAN-LES-OUATES/ Switzerland
[some of these publications may never have been available in English before]
  1. Abram Poljak: Hitler as general and spiritist. - Jerusalem, June 1949
  2. Ludwig Schneider: Abram Poljak. Nai-Jahreshefte 1994
  3. Paul E. Meier: Abram Poljak (1900-1963) - The Man, his work, life and legacy.
  4. THE CROSS IN THE STAR OF DAVID - Vienna, Easter, 1937
[PDF: English, Français, Deutsch, Italiano; MP3 français–enregistré par]
  1. Pierre Amey: God’s word concerning the state of the nation.
  2. Pierre Amey: Le discours de Dieu sur l’état de la Suisse
  3. Pierre Amey: Le discours de Dieu sur l’état de la Suisse – MP3 17min - audio / download
  4. Pierre Amey: Gottes Rede zur Lage der Nation
  5. Pierre Amey: Il discorso di Dio sullo stato attuale della Svizzera
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