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REM...on the Remnant Jewish Believers

ANT...on Anti-Semitism

GHT...on Greek vs. Hebrew Thinking

JID...on Judaism and the Jewish Identity

HOL...on the Holocaust

MOH...on the Meaning of History

PMO...on Postmodernism & Globalism

RJI...on the Restoration of the Jews in Israel

MTH...on the Theology of Messianic Judaism

AIC...on the Arab-Israeli Conflict

JCR...on Jewish-Christian Relations

MEX...on Jewish Expectations of a Messiah

PRO...on Prophecy and Biblical Interpretation

Subdivisions within each bibliography:

(AIC) The Arab-Israeli Conflict
A Bibliography
History of the Conflict (AIC1)
Islam, Dhimmitude & Jihad (AIC2)
Land of Israel in History (AIC3)
Israel & Zionism (AIC4)
Christian Zionism and Other Works Defending Zionism (AIC5)
Postzionism & anti-Zionist Works by Jewish Authors (AIC6)
United Nations and European Bias (AIC7)
United States’ Half-Hearted Stance (AIC8)

(ANT) Anti-Semitism & Its Historical Roots
A Bibliography
Exposing the Historical Roots and Lies of Anti-Semitism (ANT1)
Exposing the New Anti-Semitism and Its Lies (ANT2)
Defending Israel against Anti-Zionism and Its Lies (ANT3)
Revisionist Anti-Semitic & Anti-Zionist Propaganda (ANT4)
Christian Anti-Zionism & Anti-Christian Zionist Propaganda (ANT5)
Anti-Zionist Works Written By Jewish Authors (ANT6)

(GHT) Greek vs. Hebrew Thinking
A Bibliography
Hebrew & Greek Thinking Proper (GHT1)
Semitic & Hellenistic Philology & Linguistics (GHT2)
Ancient Near Eastern Historical Context of the Bible (GHT3)

(JID) Judaism(s) and Jewish Identity
A Bibliography
Secular Judaism (JID1)
Religious Judaism and the threat of Assimilation (JID2)
Denominational Quagmire (JID3)
Crypto-Jews (JID4)
Yeshua's Jewishness & Messianic Jewish Identity (JID5)
Jewish Identity and the Christian Church (JID6)
Jewish Identity and Jewish Calling (JID7)
Psychological and Sociocultural studies (JID8)
Chosenness: We Choose or God Chooses? (JID9)
Through the Eyes of Famous Jews (JID10)
Jewish Identity in the Nation of Israel (JID11)
Jewishness and Conversions to Judaism in History (JID12)
Religious or Ethnic? Joseph or Judah? Universal or National? (JID13)
Jewishness in the Diaspora (JID14)

(JCR) History of Jewish-Christian Relations
A Bibliography
Studies on Inclusion v. Replacement Theology (JCR1)
Studies on Covenant Theology of Israel & Nations (JCR2)
Ancient and Early Christian History (JCR3)
Medieval & Reformation History (JCR4)
Modern History to Holocaust (JCR5)
Post Holocaust Jewish-Christian Dialogue & Ecumenism (JCR6)
Messianic Jewish Studies and Revival (JCR7)
Reconciliation between Jews & Gentiles in the Church (incl. the invisible church) (JCR8)
Reconciliation between Arab Christians & Messianic Jews (JCR9)
Jewish-Christian-Muslim Relations (JCR10)

(HOL) The Holocaust
A Bibliography
(no sections)

(MEX) Messianic Expectations
Messianic Expectations (MEX1)
Jewish Expectations (MEX2)

(MTH) Messianic Judaism Theology
A Bibliography
(no sections)

(MOH) The Meaning of History
A Bibliography
From Philosophical and Metaphysical Perspectives (MOH1)
Salvation History with God as Lord of History (Biblical Revelation) (MOH2)
In the Light of Jewish History (MOH3)
In the Light of Church and Mission History Worldwide (MOH4)
Israel and the Jewish Diaspora’s Impact on the Nations (MOH5)

(PMO) Postmodernism & Globalism
A Bibliography
Postmodernism and its Jewish variations (PMO1)
Postmodernism and its Christian variations (PMO2)
The Emergent Church and its Apologists: Controversial, Seductive Publications (PMO3)
Apologetic Responses to Postmodernism, the Emergent Church, Idols & the Occult Invasion (PMO4)
Controversial Issues in Postmodernism (Metaphysics, Science, Ethics & Social Justice, Church as Community) (PMO5)
Worldview Analysis as Applied to Postmodern Guilt & the Cultural Demise of the West (PMO6)

(PRO) Prophecy & Biblical Interpretation
A Bibliography
Prophecy: Study Methods & Tools for Interpretation (PRO1)
Messianic Prophecy and Eschatology in the Bible (PRO2)
Israel & Jerusalem in Prophecy (PRO3)
The Jewish Feasts and Prophecy (PRO4)
Signs of the End - (incl. Grand Delusion) (PRO5)
Antichrist in Prophecy (PRO6)
Babylon in Prophecy (PRO7)
One World Government/Religion & Nations in Prophecy (PRO8)
World Government/Religion & Conspiracy Theories (PRO9)
[A-, Pre-, Post] Millennial Theories, Replacement Theology [RT] & Prophecy (PRO10)
End Times Fiction (PRO11)
Jewish Apocalyptic Literature & Postmessianic Messianism (PRO12)

(REM) The Jewish Remnant
A Bibliography
Foreign Titles and Articles in German (REM1)
Foreign Titles and Articles in French (REM2)
Foreign Titles and Articles in other languages (REM3)

(RJI) The Restoration of Israel and the Jewish People
A Bibliography
Secular Point of View (RJI1)
Jewish Point of View (RJI2)
Messianic Jewish Point Of View (RJI3)
Christian Point of View, Pro (RJI4)
Christian Point of View, Con (RJI5)