Apr 01, 2020


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Israel's land in prophecy: this key issue is being worked on and expected to be presented in 2010

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Nurlana — 13 October 2012, 05:52

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tanubhi — 06 October 2012, 00:42

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Jorg — 05 October 2012, 05:13

Here's the picture I see as I cmtpeonlate this: I can see the son, coming back towards home, in the distance rehearsing what he will say when his presence is known, eyes downcast and not able to make eye contact, shame and wasted years filling his mind. Nearby, from the front porch of their home, the Father looks towards the horizon, the sun setting behind a silhouetted figure walking towards his house. The figure is downcast but definitely walking towards them Hmmmm the walk, the movement of the arms, their hair is so disheveled but I that frame, how familiar it seems…, the Father ponders. As the silhouette draws close, he sees further the downcast figure to be a man. Something stirs deep within him, Could it be .c-ould it be..??. the words stumble as they roll around inside his head, COULD THAT BE… MY SON???! His heart pounding, the Father begins to run towards the figure. As the man looks up, he is discernable as the missing son. Yelling at the top of His lungs, the Father runs as he weeps aloud, MY SON, MY SON OH, MY SON HAS COME HOME, MY SON HAS COME HOME!! Throwing all caution to the wind, the Father grabs the son in a full body embrace, tears streaming down his joy-filled face. Kissing him over and over he cries out, OH, MY SON, MY SON YOU HAVE COME HOME .. Father, the son sputters, Let me go, for I am filthy- I am not worthy to be called your son. I have dishonored you and disowned you and this family before everyone. If you could just let me be as one The Father's heart swells within in such magnitude it feels as if the whole earth could not contain it. Before his son can finish, the Father calls out for all to hear, MY LOST DEAD SON HE IS ALIVE!! HE HAS BEEN FOUND!! HURRY!! Do not delay get the best robe! Quick, put it on him! Now, bring the RING, bring the RING, yes, the sandals, too! He's home, he’s home MY SON is HOME!! ____I am blessed being reminded again of the signet ring how powerful it was, the Father must have been sooo amazingly joyful, looking into the eyes of his dirtied son, seeing the anger and blackness gone now, acceptance and gratitude filling the Father’s heart.I am happily amazed at the trust of the Father, that his newly returned son would make good choices out of what he'd learned, the Father's assuring the older brother that he need not fear. I love that the son, coming back home quietly in humility and a change of heart, hungry and cold, found more that he could have ever hoped for welcoming arms, loving words, being fully restored AT ONCE! Not when he proved himself again AT ONCE!I am so moved with OUR Father's heart how GRATEFUL I AM, LORD!! HOW GRATEFUL I AM!!