Apr 01, 2020


XVI. A. 4. The existence of generational, collective/corporate and national sin are biblical presuppositions

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Reference Relevant Comments
Gen 20:9,17-18 [Abimelek & Abraham]
2Kgs 5:27 [Gehasi]
2 Kgs14:23-24
2 Kgs 23:36-37
2 Kgs 24:1-4
Isa 65:6-7
Jer 3:25
Jer 7:24-26 (generational sin)
Jer 8:5
Hos 5:15
Mat 23:32-36 also in Luke 11:51. Jesus predicts that the consequences of collective guilt because of Israel's rejection, persecution and even killing of her prophets throughout history 'from Abel to Zechariah' 'will come upon this generation.' - For the apparent contradiction with the principle that each one must die for his or her own sin as stated in Deut 24:16 see Kaiser: Hard Sayings p. 177. Zechariah is the last prophet mentioned in the Hebrew Bible which ends with 2Chronicles (see 2Chron 24:20-22, NASB). For the contradiction between 2Chr 24:20 (son of Yehoyada) and Zech 1:1 (son of Berechiah/Berekiah) the French Bible d'Etude (Semeur 2000) suggests that it could be an ancient copyist error or that Jesus alludes to a third Zechariah.
John 9:2-3
Rom 5:12
1 Thess 2:16
1Pet 1:18
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