Apr 01, 2020


XVI. A. 2. The Torah Law has never been annulled

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Rom 3:31 Do we then nullify the Law through faith? May it never be! On the contrary, we establish the Law.
Rom 8:4
Rom 13:8
2 Tim 3:16
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Iva — 29 July 2012, 17:04

The catholic chcurh has made it appear that it was their god's will that they eat fish on Friday, and it was catholic priests who gave pedophile priests practically unlimited access to the young for them to rape and sodomize. If it weren't for large numbers of catholics who fought back, those priests would still be assaulting their way through congregation after congregation.Now someone wants to be de-baptized and, of course, like before, they are going to initially claim it cannot be done. But when the loss of a lot of money gets their attention, you can bet that the catholic chcurh will find a way to de-baptize anyone who wishes it done.After the way the catholic chcurh has protected pedophiles and put the safety of its women and children way down the list of what is important to them, I'm sure they are afraid of masses of folks wanting out permanently. Perhaps this time they should just take the losses and shut up about it, rather than making these people sue to get their wish at a real cost again to the chcurh. They have to be aware that forcing someone to remain on their roles is not going to keep their tithes in tact, so why fight it? It's not as if the catholic chcurh is hard up for money. Two millenia of collecting from the masses adds up!