Apr 01, 2020


XI.B.3.a. Rosh HaShana [or Feast of Trumpets, Yom Terua, The Day of Sounding the Trumpets][1]

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Reference Relevant Comments
Exod 19:16 [the trumpet sounded for the gathering at Mt. Sina´]
Lev 23:23-25 (shofar = rams horn) [for regathering the people for the feast]
Isa 27:12-13 [regathering of the believing remnant of Israel at the resurrection]
Micah 7:19 [repentance and forgiveness of sin]
Zech 9:14 [Adonai YHWH himself will blow the trumpet of deliverance]
Matt 24:31 [see Isa 27:12-13]
1Thess 4:13-18 [regathering of believers at the trumpet call, "the Rapture"]
1Cor 15:50-58 [the mystery of the last trumpet call, change to incorruptibility and immortality of the born-again believers in Christ]
Titus 2:13 [readiness for the Second Coming, incentive for living accordingly]
Rev 4:1

[1] The shofar plays a very important role in the life of Israel. The Shofar (ram's horn) is associated with the sacrifice of Isaac and the deliverance through a substitutionary sacrifice, a ram, in Lev 22. This instrument was used for all kinds of occasions: to sound an alarm, a regathering, a call to war or for deliverance ( Joshua, Gideon or even the Lord Himself to deliver Jerusalem) and for hailing a king. It was given a special significance on this feast to mark the beginning of the spiritual New Year (distinct from the agricultural year) on the first day of the seventh month when the weekly Torah readings begin at Genesis again. A call for ongoing repentance.

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