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XI.B.2. Shavuot, The Summer Feast, the(latter) First Fruits, Bikkurim [1]

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Reference Relevant Comments
Exod 19:1-20
Lev 23:15-21 [Fifty days after Pesach; Pentecost = fiftieth; instructions for counting]
Deut 16:10 [2nd time of three to go up to and to celebrate in Jerusalem]
Isa 44:3


Ezek 1:4 [vision of God's glory as when Moses received the law, traditional reading on Shavuot]
Ezek 36:27
Ezek 39:21-29 [when they will have returned to their own land from the four corners of the earth]
Joel 2:20-31
Zech 12:10


Acts 2:1-5, 12, 17-18 (2) [Peter quotes Joel 2:28-32 as having been fulfilled, yet Joel points to a latter fulfillment also: see the context and parallel passages] (3)
1Cor 16:8


Rom 11:26 [the "latter harvest" will also be fulfilled, see Ezek 36:27]
Phil 4:19


James 1:18

[1 ] Shavuot (Hebr. 'weeks') celebrates the wheat harvest and is a symbol of revival. It celebrates God's faithfulness and is a thanksgiving feast, expressing hope for the fall harvest. The book of Ruth is read on this occasion.

(2) "What was understood in the physical realm of the Torah was made manifest in the spiritual realm of the New Covenant Times. This has become the most famous First Fruits. The early fruits have come in; the implicit promise of the latter harvest will also come." Kasdan, 1993. p.55

(3) The day the Church was born that would bring in the 'harvest' of the Jewish and Gentile believers in the Messiah. - Modern Jews link this feast with Exodus 19, the Giving of the Law on Mt. Sinaï. On that day, 3000 Jews died. On the first Shavuot after the Messiah's resurrection, 3000 Jews were saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. They are a token harvest of the one announced by the prophet Joël. The prophets foretold that God through His Holy Spirit would write the law into the hearts of His people. Truly, the law (Mt. Sinaï) kills, but the Spirit (Shavuot in Jerusalem) gives life. 2Cor 3:6

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languages. Christian friends reesfud to understand what I was saying. Thank You so much for this teaching. G-d Bless you in all that you do to bring truth not only to our Jewish brothers and sisters, but to Christian beleivers also. One day we will all be one in Yeshua. Gloria RuthStone R.N.