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XI.B.1.c. The Feast of the (early) First Fruits Yom HaBikkurim [1]

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Reference Relevant Comments
Lev 23:9-14 [as to two views of the Shabbat in v. 11 see Kasdan. 1993. p.4]
Mat 27:52-53 [a prophetic event that could imply that Jesus / Yeshua presented His first fruits as a sign of a greater harvest - not of barley but of souls - yet to be presented to the Father]
John 12:1,20,23-24,32 [symbolizing the resurrection of the dead; the barley sheaths had to be waved and lifted up high for all to see]
1Cor 15:20-23 [The Messiah died on the Passover and rose on the day of First Fruits; He is thus the fulfillment of this Feast]

[1 ] (God is the source of all blessing and must have priority.) This feast celebrates the barley harvest, the first of the three annual harvest feasts, followed by Sfirat HaOmer, the counting of the Sheaf. The counting period lasts for seven weeks or 49 days. The summer Feast (celebrating the First Fruits of the wheat harvest) falls on the 5oth day after the barley harvest, see XI.B.2..

Christian tradition according to its Christian calendar made the resurrection to be fixed on Sunday as this became 'the first day of the week' and calls this feast Easter according to the name of the babylonian fertility goddess Eastar / Ishtar (!). This process is a result of an early antisemitic attitude that was sealed under Constantin the Great. - [According to the Jewish lunar calendar, Pesach (see XI.B.1.a) fell on Nisan 15 that corresponded every year to another day of the week. The resurrection originally was celebrated in the evening of Nisan 17 that lasted from evening to evening. It was on the morning of Nisan 17 that the disciples discovered the empty tomb.] - As to the question of how long Jesus /Yeshua was in the tomb, see Walter C. Kaiser , Peter H. Davids, F.F. Bruce, Manfred T. Brauch, Hard Saying of the Bible, IVP 1996, Matt 12:40.

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