Mar 28, 2020


XI.B.1.a. The Feast of Passover / Pesach, Symbol of Redemption: deliverance from slavery in Egypt, from slavery to sin [1]

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Reference Relevant Comments
Exod 6:6-7 (four promises as the basis for the Jewish tradition to drink four cups) (2)
Exod 12:14, 42-51 (a memorial for all generations)
Exod 12:46 (no bones to be broken, see Num 9:12)
Num 9:1-14
Deut 16:1-2
Matt 26:23 [dipping (bitter herbs) into the bowl] Matt 26:26 [bread (matzah)= His body]
Matt 26:27-29 [the cup of redemption]
Luke 2:41
Luke 22:8, 14-23 [the passover meal]
John 1:29 (the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world]
John 5:1
John 6:4
John 13:1-15 [footwashing and cleansing from sin before coming to God]
Acts 12:3-4
1Cor 5:7 (Christ our passover lamb)
1Cor 11:23-34 [The passover is to be celebrated until Yeshua / Jesus returns to Israel]
Heb 9:14 (blood without blemish)
Heb 9:22 [No atonement for sin without the shedding of blood]
Heb 10 [the Passover reminds everyone of the need for atonement by the shed blood of God's Lamb] 

[1 ] The term "Passover" covers the three spring feasts: Passover, Unleavened Bread, (the early) First Fruits

(2) (the cup of sanctification, the cup of praise, the cup of redemption, the cup of acceptance and praise

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