Apr 01, 2020


VIII. F. 8. The Messiah is God

His relationship to peace

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Reference Relevant Comments
Isa 9:5-6
Mic 5:4a
Zech 9:10
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Hey Beth..I have to agree with you..in my late 30's I realized i love rendiag. I never did real good in school so to think that I would pick up a book when I did not have to was a strange thought to me,,but I do love it.. my daughter works at the Family Christian Book Store and I am always telling her,, oh i am almost done with my book so i better start looking for my next one.. now i have to admit,,it does take me a while to read them,,cause i dont get to read everyday..but I do love it..stay on track with you dreamm you can do it..god will give you the desires of your heart.