Apr 01, 2020


VIII. F. 4. The Messiah is God the Judge

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Ps 2:9
Jer 23:5
Jer 33:15
John 8:16
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Very interesting point of view.I am cut and paste from my freind e mailSource:V O L U M E 1 C H A P T E R 1 Foreword by Chairperson PAGE 625. Out of the Shadows of the Night: The Struggle for InternationalHuman Rights, Judge Frankel wrote:The call to punish human rights criminals can present complex and agonisingproblems that have no single or simple solution. While the debate over theNuremberg trials still goes on, that episode trials of war criminals of adefeated nation was simplicity itself as compared to the subtle and dangerousissues that can divide a country when it undertakes to punish its own violators.A nation divided during a repressive regime does not emerge suddenly unitedwhen the time of repression has passed. The human rights criminals are fellowcitizens, living alongside everyone else, and they may be very powerful anddangerous. If the army and police have been the agencies of terror, the soldiersand the cops aren’t going to turn overnight into paragons of respect for humanrights. Their numbers and their expert management of deadly weapons remainsignificant facts of life . The soldiers and police may be biding their time,waiting and conspiring to return to power. They may be seeking to keep orwin sympathisers in the population at large. If they are treated too harshly -or if the net of punishment is cast too widely there may be a backlash thatplays into their hands. But their victims cannot simply forgive and forget.These problems are not abstract generalities. They describe tough realitiesin more than a dozen countries. If, as we hope, more nations are freed fromregimes of terror, similar problems will continue to arise.Since the situations vary, the nature of the problems varies from place to

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