Jan 26, 2020


VIII. F. 1. His unity with God the Father

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Reference Relevant Comments
Gen 1:26
Deut 6:4 ['one,' hebr. echad (as opposed to yachid, 'only one,' see Gen 22:2), same as in Gen 2:24, 'one flesh' and Gen 11:6, 'one people']
Deut 32:4 for the identity between YHWH and Jesus/Yeshua expressed behind the image of the rock see comment on Isaiah 8:13-15 below
Eccl 12:1 [compare with Isa 54:5, both Creator and Maker are in the plural form , just as in Gen 1:1]
Isa 7:14
Isa 8;13-15 YHWH is called "The Rock" (here a rock to stumble). Paul in Rom 9:33 refers to the related passage in Isaiah 28:16 in reference Jesus/Yeshua. God is explicitly revealed as the Rock as early as in Deut 32:4. [For this image prophetically revealing the unity between God the Father and God the Son - compare 1Cor 10:4 - see Leland Ryken etc. Dictionary of Biblical Imagery, 733-733.]
Isa 9:6
Isa 28:16 see Isaiah 8:15-34 above
Isa 61:1
Jer 23:6 [the Messiah is called YHWH, our righteousness; see Jer 33:15-16 and comment in V.A.2]
Dan 7:14 [everyone on earth will worship both the Messiah and the Most High God, in spite of Deut 8:19 where capital punishment is pronounced on anyone worshiping anything other than God]
Zech 13:7
Zech 14:4 [YHWH's feet shall stand on the Mt of Olives, see the identity of Jesus in Acts 1:9-11]
Mal 2:10 (hebr. echad)

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Reference Relevant Comments
Matt 1:23
Matt 11:27; 24:37
Mark 12:32
John 1:1-4,14,18; 10:30; 14:9; 17:22
John 8:24; 8:56-58 [the leaders understood the meaning of 'I AM']
John 17:5
Rom 3:30
1Cor 8:6
1Cor 10:4 In the Song of Moses, Deut 32:4, Moses who had brought forth water from the rock identifies the rock with YHWH
Eph 4:6
Col 2:9-10
1Tim 2:5
1Tim 3:16
Heb 1:3
Heb 1:6 compare with Ps 97:7
James 2:19 [the demons also believe (that God is one), and shudder]

Also see the books by Metzger The Tri-Unity of God is Jewish and Collins, King and Messiah as Son of God

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