Apr 01, 2020


VIII. B. 1. The messianic passages concerning the Messiah's second coming [1]

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OT / Tanach

Reference Relevant Comments
Psa+98:9 "He is coming to judge the earth."
Jer 33:15 [this is not his first coming] (2)
Isa 26:21
Isa 35:4
Isa 59:9-20 [quoted in Rom 11:26 relating to the final salvation of Israel]
Isa 62:10-11
Isa 64:1 [by implication of Isaiah's prayer]
Hos 5:15-6:2
Zech 12:10
Zech 14:4
Acts 1:11

[1] Rabbinic writings in the Midrash on the book of Ruth indicate that some Jewish scholars of their time, on the basis of typological interpretation, "believed that the Messiah would come to the people of Israel, have his kingdom temporarily removed, suffer, and then return in glory to regain his kingdom." M. Eastman, 1993.

(2) D. Dolan.2001. p.78

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