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VIII. A. 4. c. Prophecies in the Neviim (Prophets of the OT/Tanach, see Walter C. Kaiser, Jr. 1995 for details of passages) [1]

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Reference Compare with:
Gen 3:15(around B.C. 4000, through the Seed of a woman) compare with Gal 4:4; Heb 2:14; 1John 3:8
Gen 17:7(God's everlasting covenant) compare with Matt 1:1,17; Gal 3:16,29; Heb 2:16-17
Gen 12:3; 18:18; 22:18; 26:4; 28:14(around B.C. 1800, Through Abraham and his descendants all the nations to be blessed) compare with Mat 1:1,17; Acts 3:25, 26; Gal 3:16, 29; Heb 2:16-17
Gen 17:19; 21:12;26:2-4 (through Isaac's descendants) compare with Matt 1:2,17; Rom 9:7; Heb 11:17-19
Gen 28:14; Micah 5:2; 2Sam 2:4 (around B.C. 1760, through Jacob and Judah's descendants) compare with Matt 1:2,3; Heb 7:14; Rev 5:5
Gen 28:13-15; Num 24:17,19(through Jacob and the star from Jacob) compare with Matt 1:2; Luke 1:33; 3:34; Rev 22:16
Exod 13:2; Num 3:13; 8:17; Lev 12:7-8 (the firstborn son and required offerings) compare with Luke 2:7,23,24¨¨
2Sam 7:12-13; Isa 9:7; Jer 23:5; 30:9(he will be of the line of David) compare with Acts 13:23; Rom 1:3-4
Isa 7:14 (around B.C. 740, he shall be born of a virgin) compare with Matt 1:18-23; Luke 1:27-35
Micah 5:2(around B.C. 710, to be born in Bethlehem, Judah) compare with Matt 2:1
Isa 9:6-7(a child to be born, the coming King) compare with Luke 2:10-12
Isa 11:1-5 (the rod - heb. nezer > Nazerine - of Jesse) compare with Matt 1:6; Matt 2:23(Matthew's application, see Kaiser 1995, p. 35); Acts 13:22-23
Ps 72:10-15 compare with Matt 2:1-11
Micah 5:2 (He is pre-existent) compare with John 1:1,4; Col 1:15-19
Jer 31:15(massacre foretold) compare with Matt 2:16-18
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