Mar 28, 2020


VIII. A. 4. a. Prophecies in the Torah

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Reference Relevant Comments
Gen 3:15 the earliest hint: the Messiah will be human, descendant of a woman
Gen 9:27 the Messiah will be divine, God dwelling among man (Shem- or semites)
Gen 12:1-3,7 God's call and eight promises to Abraham (see IV Abrahamic covenant)
Gen 22:2,16 Isaac as typological prefiguration of Messiah's substitutionary death; compare with John 3:16; Heb 6:13-14(1)
Gen 22:18 (see Gal 3:16 He is the "seed" of Abraham)
Gen 49:8-12 [cf. Eze 21:27] Judah will reign until the Messiah, the 'seed of Judah' comes (no NT quote); King David's allusion in 1Chron 28:4
Exo 12:2-4,11 typological prefiguration of the 'Lamb of God,' the Passover sacrifice
Num 24:15-19 Balaam's prophecy of the star coming out of Jacob
Deut 18:15,18 'a prophet like me' (identified as the Messiah, Acts 3:22; 7:37)

(1) "'The Christian Gospel' is Jewish! The death of the righteous - the truly righteous, the Messiah, the High Priest of Israel and the nations, the Redeemer who pays for our sins - atones." Brown, Michael. 2000, p. 166 (see VIII.A.1.d.)

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