Apr 01, 2020


VIII. A. 2. b. relating to His Birth

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Micah 5:2 (He is pre-existent) compare with John 8:58 (cf. John 17:5, 24)
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Livia — 31 December 2012, 20:07

Ya learn smoeihtng new everyday. It's true I guess!

Chris — 12 February 2011, 02:00

Christ did not pre-exist, it does not state that in Micah 5:2. What it does say is that his origen is of old, now search the word origen and you will find that this could also mean as in idea.. The idea of christ atoning for sin as was promised in Gen 3.15. How does christ pre-exist? ohh because he is also God, oh therefore if Mary gave birth to him would not she be God too. hmm and so we get everything mixed up.