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VIII. Jesus/Yeshua HaMashiah

What evidence do we find in the Tanach / the 'Old' or 'First' Testament that Jesus/Yeshua is the Messiah?

The following compilation of references is based on a combination of the direct predictions of the Messiah in 'The Messiah in the Old Testament' by Walter C. Kaiser, Jr., Zondervan 1995 and 'Messianic Christology' by Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum, Ariel Ministries 1998. (Both authors list these references; those especially discussed in addition by Fruchtenbaum are marked by *.)

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Reference Relevant Comments


Gen 3:15 This reference points to God's provision of the Messiah and is called the Proto-Evangelium or the 'First Gospel.' For 'seed' of the woman, see Isaiah 7 listed below. The generic translation 'offspring' or 'descendant' hides the implications of Hebr. 'zera', seed.
Gen 9:27 The pronoun 'he' may be Japheth or God. Kaiser states five reasons why 'God' is the proper referent of this pronoun. The concept of (the 'shekina' Glory of ) God 'dwelling' among man is a biblical theme from beginning to end.
Gen 12:1-3 The same promise was given to Isaak in Gen 26:4, 23-24; and to Jacob in Gen 28:14-15; 35:9-12
Gen 22:18* Again, the 'seed' is used here in the 'absolute singular' meaning, see Gal 3:16. The Seed, the land and the Blessing are the three main elements of the Abrahamic covenant referred to in Gen 12:1-3,7; 13:14-17; 15:1-21;17:1-21, 22:15-18.
Gen 49:8-12 Gen 49:10, until (Hebr.) 'Shiloh' comes (cf. Eze 21:27), "The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor the ruler's staff from between his feet, until he (i.e., the Messiah) comes to whom it (i.e. the rule, reign, and/or dominion) belongs."
Num 24:15-19
Deut 18:15-18


Job 9:33
Job 19:23-27
Job 33:23-28

Time of King David

1Sam 2:1-10
1Sam 2:35-36
2Sam 7 ; 2Sam 7:11:b-16* ( 1Chr 17:10b-14 )* Messiah to be a son of David. Dr. A Fruchtenbaum in Appendix 4, p.135-139 discusses the legitimacy of Jesus' right to the throne despite of the curse on the family of Jehoiachin (Jer 22:24-30). God shiftet the genealogical line to David's other son Nathan whose descendant is Zerubbabel during the time of Haggai.
Psa 89
Psa 132


Psa 110:1-7 (see Psa 80:17*)
Psa 2: 7-14
Psa 118
Psa 69
Psa 109
Psa 22:1-31
Psa 16:1-11
Psa 40
Psa 45
Psa 68
Psa 72
Prov 30:4* The name of God's Son

Book of the Prophets

Joel 2:23
Hosea 3:4-5
Amos 9:11-15
Micah 2:12-13
Micah 5:1-4
Isa 4:2
Isa 7:14 The Messiah will be born of a virgin
Isa 8:10* 'lit. because of Immanuel'
Isa 9:1-7
Isa 11:1-16
Isa 24:21-25
Isa 30:19-26
Isa 40:3-5*
Isa 42:1-7
Isa 49:1-6
Isa 50:4-9
Isa 52:13-53:12
Isa 55:3-5
Isa 61:1-3
Isa 63:1-6
Jer 23:5-6
Jer 30:9,21
Jer 33:14-26
Eze 17:22-24
Eze 21:25-27
Eze 34:23-31
Eze 37:15-28
Dan 7:13-14
Dan 9:24-27
Hag 2:6-9
Hag 2.21-23
Zech 3:8-10
Zech 6:9-15
Zech 9:9-10
Zech 10:4
Zech 11:4-14
Zech 12:10
Zech 13:7
Mal 3:1
Mal 4:2
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