Apr 01, 2020


VII. D. 2. Israel and the kingdom

(see III.A.8; IV.B.3.b.iii)

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Reference Relevant Comments
Exod 19:4-6
Exod 24:1-8
1Sam 8:9-22 Israel's request for an earthly King of their own
2Sam 7:12-16 see Amos 9:11 below
2Sam 7:28 the promise of the Davidic kingdom
Ps 89:3-4
Hos 13:10-11 Israel's request to replace theocracy with a national King was not God's best for the nation
Jer 30:9
Ezek 10:4, 18-19
Ezek 11:23 God's glory finally departed from the nation
Ezek 34:23-24
Ezek 43:2 God's glory returns to the Millennial Temple
Amos 9:11 [quoted in Acts 15:16,17 arguing that the inclusion of Gentiles in the church was part of God's plan and part of the kingdom (tabernacle) of David to come]
Matt 6:10 the Kingdom of God is Christ's /Messiah's message
Matt 12:28 God's authority over evil indicates the arrival of the Kingdom
Acts 1:6 the Kingdom will be restored with the Messianic Kingdom to come
Rev 11:15 the eternal Messianic reign begins on earth
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Alfredo — 21 December 2012, 09:42

A very thoughtful and prctaoovive presentation. Unlike Edward, the scripture that came to my mind as I listened was:Jer 10:23 O LORD, I know that the way of man [is] not in himself: [it is] not in man that walketh to direct his steps. Also one of its corrolaries would be:Prov 16:9 A man's heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps. Scripture also shows that people were created temporary and incomplete by God to impress upon them their need for a relationship with their Creator and each other.All of humanity needs relationship with God for any hope of life beyond this temporary physical existence and to know how to live this life in a happy and harmonious way. (Rom 6:23)Men and women need each other for more reasons than just procreation. (Gen 2:18)All the races and ethnicities need each other for more than just a source of forced slave labor, or coveted wealth, or to provide an enemy against which to make war.The thousands of years of recorded human history have been like a giant scientific experiment whose only rational conclusion is that even at their best, people are incapable of directing their own affairs in any way that does not cause suffering to others or destruction to the planet on which we all depend for our physical survival. (Ps 39:6, Ps 62:9, Isa 40:17)Tim McCaulleyJacksonville FL

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Justis — 15 January 2012, 17:43

I could read a book about this without fndiing such real-world approaches!