Apr 01, 2020


VII. C. 2. confirmed by the promised Messiah and the apostles

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Reference Relevant Comments
Mt 28:14-20
Jn 10:14-16
Acts 13:47
Acts 15:28-29
Rom 2:10
Rom 4:11
Rom 11:7,11,12,17,33
Gal 3:14,29
Eph 2:12-15
Eph 3:6 [mystery, see Note for VII.B.1.]
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Oman — 15 May 2012, 11:05

This is very interesting. My prsfoosers teach that sign gifts which include tongues, healing, and prophecy no longer exist. They teach that such gifts has ceased to exist after the apostles. I even got a C on an A paper because my professor didn't agree with a comment I made about God speaking to people through dreams. This is a big problem in the church and the issue should be discussed more. What do you think?