Apr 01, 2020


VII. A. 4. b. Evangelization through the messianic Jews

cf. VII.A.1.

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Is 66: 19-20
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Depends on the type of mission trip.For sttaerrs, it's illegal to solicit others on the street to convert to another religion. Whether it be Christianity, Islam, or even Judaism. Privately, it's obviously okay, but it's not something allowed in the public sphere.If you are doing the type which is more like building an orphanage or hospital, like I commonly hear from others who do such in Latin America, then that's fine.The active and violent reactions come from the more religious spheres, which are kinda secluded in their own spaces. In Jerusalem, you might get close to some, but everywhere else you'd know that you don't have much of a chance converting anyone. And it's less active and violent as it is yelling and screaming, which is scary but mostly you'll be fine physically. Messianic Jews do experience some discrimination in Israel. It's not that bad, and they live fully functioning lives. The problem is the word "Jew", which other Jews don't like them using. For sttaerrs, there is the idea that Jews don't worship Jesus, and it's a dividing line, so they just aren't Jews to begin with. Nonetheless, most Israelis are perfectly fine with them, so there really isn't to worry about.Once again, don't actively seek out converts and proselytize in Israel, since it's illegal, but for whatever reason you are there, it's always a good idea to tour the Holy Land anyway.References :