Apr 01, 2020


VII. A. 4. a. The concept of the 'Remnant'

(the Messianic Jews, the Hebrew Christians, see Overview, Introduction to Bibliography on Jewish Remnant History,) [1]

cf. III.E.2.d; III.E.7, and VII.A.5.a & VII.A.5.b

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Reference Relevant Comments
2Kgs 19:30
Isa 66:19
Ezek 14:22
Mic 5:7,8;7:18
Rom 9:27
Rom 11:5

[1] Although this terminology is normally used in relation to faithful Israel, it is clear that the concept of the "remnant" also applies to the "Church", unless Church is defined in biblical terms as opposed to a socio-religious institution. See I.A.3.c. and VII.B.1.

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