Mar 29, 2020


VI. B. 2. d. The Spirit of Edom, stronghold of generational hatred and derision dating back to Abraham's impatience and temporal unbelief

(see II.C.1 and II.C.4; also see VI.B.2.c. Hebron/Kiriath-arba)

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Reference Relevant Comments
Psa 83:1-8
Gen 12:4 [Abraham taking Lot with him]
Gen 16:11-12 [hostility prophesied as a result of this intermarriage, origin of Arabs]
Gen 21:21 [a further intermarriage]
Gen 19:30-37 [Lot's incest, origin of Moabites and Ammonites]
Gen 36:2,3,8 [Esau = Edom, more intermarriage, origin of Edomites]
2Chron 20:10-12
Neh 4:7-9
Ezek 35:5,10-13
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