Mar 28, 2020


VI. B. 1. b. Traditionalism

(religiosity see I.A.3.c., legalism, oral and written traditions added and/or subtracted teachings that amounted to disobedience regarding the nation's calling) (1)

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Reference Relevant Comments
Deut 4:2
Deut 12:32
Prov 30:6
Isa 5:11-16,21,24 (man's arrogance and pride)
Isa 29:13-16
Isa 59:1-2 (man's sinfulness, see I.A.3.e.)
Mat 15:8
Mark 7:6-13
Col 2:8
Rev 22:18

(1) Man ignoring God's self-revelation (Isa 6:1-5) makes his own gods. "He sent his Son to die for sin as sin. We were given to see what sin meant for God and what it therefore needs to mean for us, but we turned our faces away from Him and refused to consider. We have our own view, namely that man is not all that bad and even progressively improvable. Human perfectibility outside of God is a totally humanistic view, made possible only when man rejects the view of God about man given at the Cross...To have a view of God that exempts the judgment of God as being central to God, is not to have God. To know him as He in fact is, in both His severity and goodness, is to know Him in truth." (Arthur Katz, 1998, p.17)

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