Apr 01, 2020


VI. Antisemitism - Why? Now what?


Antisemitism (Jew-hatred and -contempt) is a complex historic phenomenon that has been defined as "the longest and deepest hatred of human history ( "hatred or contempt and a stereotyping of the Jewish people as such." E. Flannery, 1985, pp. 284, 4 ). It comprises non-Christian as well as Christian Antisemitism (inherited from the Early Church Fathers). It covers a period at least from the Exodus Israel's from Egypt to the death of the Jewish Jesus/Yeshua the Messiah (see VI.B.2.e.), continued from the Early Church Fathers and their rejection of the Hebraic origins of Christianity (see XII) till the Holocaust/Shoah, continues to the attempt to wipe Israel from the maps of a Palestinian State under Islamic extremism and will continue under neo-Nazi and other right extremisim until the return of the same Jewish Messiah at the end of world history. Such is the magnitude of satanic hatred, but see VI.B.2.h and VI.B.2.i.. Jewish identity and Israel's national preservation, calling and inheritance in the Land originate in God alone. This is the deepest root of Antisemitism.

Although anti-Judaism appears to be the more correct term since Jews are not the only Semites among the nations, it is at times used as distinct from antisemitism (for instance in case of NT statements against legalistic Pharisees that opposed Jesus, often misunderstood as a proof of antisemitism in the Bible itself despite of Rom 11:28-29.) For the purpose of a prophetic perspective of this socio-religious, cultural and ethnic hatred and contempt, the focus is on Antisemitism in its strict sense.

For more explanations see our bibliography listings on Anti-Semitism, especially "Anti-Semitism in the Contemporary Middle East":

"For the purposes of this booklet we chose to use the definition of Ms. Esther Webman of the Stephen Roth Institute for the Study of Contemporary Anti-Semitism and Racism and the Dayan Center of Tel Aviv University: Anti-Semitism is an expression of deep negative feelings for Jews. Its roots are theological and psychological, and it differs from other forms of ethnic and racial prejudice. A statement or expression is considered anti-Semitic when it assigns unique, immutable traits to the Jews and describes them as the source of all the wickedness, inequity and evil in the world from time immemorial to this day ."
- Esther Webman, "Continuation and Changes in Anti-Semitic Discourse in the Arab Countries," Kivunim Hadashim (Hebrew) [New Trends], 3, 2000, pp. 135-136)

Not all attempts to explain the origin of this phenomenon can be biblically supported. Some do not go deep enough in their analysis and some are even contrary to biblical teaching. They are nevertheless mentioned in principle for the sake of fuller representation of the complexity of this topic.

See the full Bibliography on Antisemitism.

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