Apr 01, 2020


V. A. 2. God's name and character is linked to Jerusalem

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Reference Relevant Comments
Deut 12:5,11; 14:23-24; 15:20; 16:2; 17:8; 18:6; 26:2
1Kgs 8:29
2Kgs 21:7
2 Chr 6:6
Ps 48:10-14
Ps 87:3
Isa 2:3
Isa 60:14
Jer 33:15-16 (1)
Zec 1:14
Zec 2:4-5
Zec 3:2

(1) Jerusalem's name (hebr. 3rd p. fem.sing.) will be called "God our Righteousness, YHWH Tzidkeinu" . In a parallel passage, Jer 23:5-6, the 'Branch', (hebr. 3rd p.masc.sing. referring to the 'Branch'), the King (Messiah) is called by the same name. Both passages refer to the 'Branch'. Both, Jerusalem and its King, the 'Branch' will be called by the same name, "God our Righteousness."

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