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  1. The God of Israel, the Most High (uniqueness, exclusiveness), cf. IV.B.3.a.ii.
    1. God the Creator
      1. The God who does miracles
      2. He knows and reveals the future, cf. I.A.11, IV.B.3.a.ii
      3. He desires
        1. personal relationships (on an individual basis)
        2. personal relationships (on a corporate basis); cf. III.
        3. and not religion
        4. he is a jealous God because of his covenant relationship, cf. II.B.1.; III.
        5. he hates syncretism (see I.C.)
      4. He is not only the "God of wrath" but He is also the God of mercy and compassion, the God of grace, cf. also III.D.3
      5. Evidence of God's love in the face of rebellion
      6. He remains faithful even if his people are unfaithful, cf.III.D.3
      7. He is the covenant-keeping God, cf. III.D.3;IV.B.3.b.; Introduction
      8. He revealed himself progressively
      9. He wants to communicate and his prophecy to be understood
      10. He changes circumstances
      11. He has a plan in history that He will accomplish
      12. He is worthy to be praised for who He is
    2. God and the gods
    3. God's hatred of idolatry
  2. God and the Nations, the God of History
    1. God rules the nations
      1. God decided the national boundaries
      2. God put man in a moral universe
      3. Primeval mandate to scatter and fill the earth
      4. Babylon refuses to 'scatter and fill' the earth
      5. God speeds up the process of cultural diversification
      6. God rules / judges the nations
    2. Judgment against the nations
      1. God is a jealous God
      2. God is a holy God
      3. God judges in relation to Israel
        1. God uses nations to judge Israel
      4. God judges negative attitudes of Israel's neighbours
      5. God uses diseases etc. as judgments
      6. God allows the land itself to spew out nations
      7. God uses nations to judge nations
      8. God uses Israel to judge nations
        1. nations in the immediate vicinity
        2. all other nations without total extermination
      9. God judges nations whose iniquity is full
      10. God is righteous in his judgment
      11. God allows heathen nations to test Israel's loyalty
      12. The final judgment, 'the days of Jacob's trouble'
      13. Apocalyptic judgment on the whole earth
      14. All mankind shall worship the Messiah, God of Israel
    3. God's plan with specific nations
      1. Egypt and its gods
      2. Ethiopia
      3. Syria and Iraq
      4. Jordan, (Edom / Moab / Ammon)
      5. Palestine (Gaza, Philistine)
      6. Assyria
      7. Phoenicia
      8. Babylon
      9. Lebanon
      10. Greece
      11. USA
    4. Salvation for the nations
      1. people from every ethnic group and language
      2. nations will be joined to His people
      3. nations will glorify God in heaven
    5. Toward a prototype for all nations
  3. God and THE Nation
    1. God's choice of Israel ('chosenness')
      1. His promise of relationship
      2. His promise of presence
      3. His promise of land
      4. His promise of blessings
      5. His promise of possessions
      6. His promise of rest
      7. His promise of 'good things'
      8. His promise of the Davidic dynasty and throne
      9. His oath by which He pledged to fulfill the promise
    2. God's destiny for Israel, purpose of His calling
      1. to be a holy people, his own property or heritage
      2. to cause the nations to honor and respect God
      3. to be His servant
      4. to be a kingdom of priests
      5. to proclaim His praise and glory among the nations
      6. to be a covenant to the peoples and a light, a sign to the nations
      7. to be a channel of salvation for the nations
      8. to disseminate His word through all the earth
    3. the reason for God's gift of land
    4. God's judgment on Israel
      1. Reasons for judgment are rebellion and disobedience, idolatry
      2. Dispersion - Result of disobedience
        1. Israel's land was dispossessed three times
      3. God's rejection of Israel as a nation is temporary only
      4. ultimate victory for Israel because of His own name
      5. God is merciful in judgment but does not leave sin unpunished
      6. God's time of final judgment, 'Jacob's trouble.'
      7. God's mercy because of His Messiah is greater than his wrath
      8. His wrath (judgment) is just
    5. God's salvation for Israel
      1. the recreation of Israel
      2. the preservation in Exile
        1. God promised the preservation of his people
        2. otherwise there would be no need for Paul's anguish
        3. and there would be no reason for a threefold distinction
        4. the concept of the remnant
      3. the reunification of the nation
      4. the regathering of the nation
        1. the return from the Babylonia is not the fulfillment
        2. the regathering is not contingent upon repentance
      5. God's ultimate victory for Israel
      6. Israel's salvation: blessing for the nations
      7. in the end, all Israel shall be saved
      8. Israel will be part of God's new creation
    6. the so-called 'ten lost tribes' of Israel
  4. God and His Covenant
    1. God's covenant with humanity (Noah)
    2. God's covenant with Israel (Abraham)
      1. The principle of choice between blessing and curse
      2. Israel's right to the land
        1. Israel did not conquer the land by its own strength
        2. The punishment for those who divide the land
        3. Israel's land had to be distributed righteously
        4. Conditions for foreigners (non-Jews)
        5. Israel must not conclude alliances with other nations
      3. Israel's identity
        1. Israel's God
          1. His names
          2. Who is like you?
        2. Israel's chosenness (the fact of her irrevocable calling)
          1. The uniqueness of Israel
          2. The priviledge of being a Jew
          3. The temptation to be like other nations
        3. Israel's law (Torah) in terms of Israel's identity
        4. Israel's Land: The geographical extent of the land
          1. The Earth / the Land belongs to God
          2. The Land was given by God to the descendants of Abraham
          3. the gift of this land s based on an Unconditional Covenant
          4. The Land was not given to the Descendants of Ishmael
          5. The Land was not given to the other sons of Abraham
          6. The Land was not given to Esau
          7. God continued to remind Israel of his covenant in Egypt and in the Sinaï
          8. God told Israel to conquer the Land; conditions for immigrants
          9. Israel's sin and captivity did not change their divine right to this Land
          10. God's promise to Israel is as certain as the order of the universe
          11. The name of this Land is not 'Palestine', but Israel (Eretz Israel)
          12. restoration, peace and security will require the return of the Messiah
          13. Definition of the borders
          14. Unconditionality of His promise, land without conditions
          15. Conditionality of his promise (for Israel to live in the land)
          16. Exile predicted
          17. Return in general to the land
          18. Return from the four comers of the earth
          19. Return in two phases
            1. return in unbelief in preparation of the end
            2. Return in belief for the final and universal restoration
            3. God's last powerful witness that He is the God of History
            4. ordered refs
          20. The purpose of their return
          21. The reason for their return
          22. The glory awaiting the returned, the praise of the ransomed
          23. God's secret, the solution to the paradox of two kinds of covenants
        5. Israel's identity overlapping with the Messiah's
    3. God's covenant with Isaac
    4. God's covenant with Jacob
    5. God's covenant with Moses/Israel
    6. God's covenant with David
      1. the temple
      2. succession on the throne forever
        1. Messiah is given the throne of David
      3. the land
    7. God's New Covenant / The Renewed Covenant
    8. The Fulfillment of the covenantal promises
      1. The complete restoration of Israel presupposes His return
      2. He will save Israel from the Antichrist
  5. Jerusalem
    1. Background information
      1. Names of Jerusalem
        1. on earth
        2. in heaven
      2. God's name and character is linked to Jerusalem
      3. Jerusalem is linked to Mount Zion
      4. Zion is applied to both Israel and Jerusalem
      5. Significance of Jerusalem in God's plan
        1. Jerusalem as the place of the Messiah's return
        2. Jerusalem as the presence of the Lord in the Millennium
          1. protected by his power
          2. always accessible
        3. Jerusalem is the Capital of the Millenial Kingdom
        4. Jerusalem is the Center of the entire earth
          1. the everlasting, eternal city
        5. Jerusalem is the source of God's Word
          1. the center of worship
        6. Jerusalem is the chief indicator of God's time line
          1. Jerusalem - stumbling block for all nations
    2. the fact and purpose of God's choice of Jerusalem
      1. The fact of God's choice of Jerusalem
        1. temporal
        2. millennial
          1. it will be greatly enlarged
        3. eternal
      2. The purpose of Jerusalem's calling
    3. the future of Jerusalem
      1. The judgment to come
        1. reason
        2. wars against Jerusalem yet to come
        3. fulfilled prophecy of the destruction of the city
        4. instrument of final judgment on other nations
      2. Restoration of Jerusalem
        1. Topographical changes
        2. Jews returning to Jerusalem from East to West
      3. Salvation of Jerusalem
      4. Consolation of Jerusalem (the remnant of Israel)
      5. The third Temple
        1. Life and Worship in the millennial temple
        2. The river issuing from the temple
          1. in the millennium
          2. under the new heaven and on the new earth
      6. Preparatory events between now and the Millennium
        1. prior to the second coming
      7. Promises for Jerusalem
    4. Prayer for Jerusalem
    5. Why weep for Jerusalem
  6. Anti-Semitism
    1. Main perspectives to explain the hatred and contempt for Jews and Israel
      1. Theological perspectives
        1. Israel as the suffering servant
        2. The birth-pangs of the Messiah
        3. Simply a mystery demanding blind faith
        4. Replacement Theology (RT)
        5. Christian Anti-Zionism (CAZ)?
    2. Spiritual reasons (biblical explanations)
      1. God's exemplary judgment as a consequence of the self-inflicted curse
        1. Assimilation of Jews contradicts the call to be different from all other nations
        2. Traditionalism
        3. Yet God warns his people beforehand of impending judgment of which Gentiles are not included
        4. God's judgment does not impugn or annull God's faithfulness
      2. Satanic-demonic attempts to prevent the fulfillment of or to destroy God's plan
        1. Satan's enmity against God's authority
          1. Satan's names describing his character
          2. Satan's principal concern: to make God a liar
        2. Satanic opposition aimed at extermination of the Jewish nation
        3. Power encounters demonstrating this opposition, past, present and future
        4. The Spirit of Edom, stronghold of generational hatred and derision
        5. Satan's attempt to get Jesus the Messiah killed, thereby defeating himself
        6. The accusation of deicide - or who killed Jesus the Messiah?
        7. Satan's historic strategies
        8. God's final response to the world's antisemitism
        9. The Anti-Messiah (Antichrist) and his manifestations
        10. Antisemitism because of identification with the Messiah
      3. God's providence for the sake of the salvation of the nations
    3. The time of "Jacob's trouble" / "Jacob's distress" and the Great Tribulation
    4. Consequences for Christians
      1. Repentance
        1. Prevent Christian silence and indifference
      2. Return to the Hebrew understanding of the Bible?
      3. World evangelism
      4. Readiness of all believers in Messiah to suffer persecution
      5. Joining up with Jews to become the "One New Man"
      6. Regathering and Restoration of Israel returning to its land
      7. Prayer on behalf of Israel
    5. Consequences for Jews
      1. Prayer for Israel and its enemies
      2. Teshuva, Repentance and Return to Israel and to Jerusalem
      3. Joining up with Christians to become the "One New Man"
      4. Evangelism
      5. Welcoming Yeshua as HaMashia, King of King and Lord of Lords
  7. God's Calling and Plan for His People
    1. The distinctiveness of the calling of Israel and the calling of the Church
      1. to be the instrument for the salvation of entire nations
      2. The Church is not Israel; Israel is a model for the Church
      3. The Church is called to evangelize the world on an individual basis
      4. The irrevocable calling of Israel
        1. The concept of the 'Remnant'
        2. Evangelization through the messianic Jews
      5. Contrastive identities and designations
        1. (national) Israel
        2. the Church
    2. The 'identicalness' of the two callings and the unity between God's Israel and the Church
      1. relationship and parallels between the Church and Israel
      2. the inclusion of the gentiles in the Church
    3. The Church is granted to share in Israel's blessings and inheritance
      1. announced by the prophets
      2. confirmed by the promised Messiah and the apostles
      3. inclusion of the land in the millennium
    4. The kingdom of God that is to come
      1. The Church and the kingdom?
      2. Israel and the kingdom
      3. The earth and the kingdom
    5. The need to return to the Hebrew roots of the original Church
  8. Jesus Christ/Yeshua HaMashiah
    1. The messianic passages that point to the Messiahship of Jesus/Yeshua
      1. the first coming predicted and fulfillment confirmed as revealed in retrospect
        1. relating to His forerunner - relating to His forerunner - relating to His forerunner
        2. relating to His birth
        3. relating to His Life and Ministry, Suffering and Rejection
        4. relating to His Death and Resurrection
        5. relating to His identity
      2. the first coming predicted; fulfillment confirmed as reported in Jesus/Yeshua's own words
        1. relating to His forerunner
        2. relating to His Birth
        3. relating to His Life and Ministry
        4. relating to His Death and Resurrection
      3. Specific prophecies directly or indirectly related to the Messiah's return
      4. Prophecies displayed according to progressive revelation
        1. Prophecies in the Torah
        2. Prophecies in the Ketuvim
        3. Prophecies in the Neviim
    2. The messianic passages concerning the Messiah's second coming
      1. OT/Tanach
      2. NT
      3. Jesus/Yeshua's own statements
    3. Warnings concerning false Messiahs
      1. OT/Tanach
      2. NT
    4. Signs of His second coming
    5. Preconditions for his second coming
    6. The Messiah is God
      1. His unity with God the Father
      2. His claim to exclusiveness
      3. His creatorship
      4. His being the Judge of the world
      5. His saviorship
      6. His kingship
      7. His eternal existence
      8. His relationship to peace
      9. His unchangeableness
    7. Jesus/Yeshua - the Jewish Messiah- divine-human
      1. the 'cosmic' aspect - Christ as the Creator of the cosmos
      2. truly man - although entirely sinless
      3. the Jewishness of Jesus - he was born, he lived, died, and rose a Jew
      4. the living Word/Torah
      5. He will return as a recognizable Jew (speaking Hebrew)
      6. He nevertheless speaks every language
    8. over 400 Tanakh Prophecies Fulfilled by Yeshua the Messiah
      1. as listed by Alfred Edersheim, The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah, New York, 1884
      2. David Stern's partial list of Tanakh prophecies pertaining to Yeshua's first coming
      3. The Messianic Bible Project and its 20 top citations
      4. How the Tanach convinced a Jew that Yeshua is the Messiah
      5. Timeline of Messianic Prophecies
  9. The Abrahamic Covenant, Continuity and Unity
  10. The Jewish Heritage of the Church. It's Jewish Roots
  11. The Meaning of the Sacrifices and the Feasts
    1. The Sacrifices
    2. The prophetic significance of the God-prescribed times of celebrations.
      1. The three Spring Feasts (of the first month), "Passover" / Pesach
        1. The Feast of Passover / Pesach, Symbol of Redemption
        2. The Feast of unleavened Bread (Hag Ha Matzot)
        3. The Feast of the (early) First Fruits Yom HaBikkurim
      2. The Summer Feast Shavuot, First Fruits (wheat)
      3. The three Fall Feasts (of the seventh month), "Tabernacles"
        1. The Feast of Rosh HaShanah Feast of Trumpets
        2. The Feast of Yom Kippur Day of Atonement
        3. The Feast of Sukkot Feast of Tabernacles
      4. The Purim Feast (Esther)
      5. Shabbat
  12. Hebrew vs. Greek Worldview
  13. Signs of His Coming. The End of the World
    1. Signs
    2. The end
      1. The Millennium and passages associated with it?
      2. The new Heaven and the New Earth
        1. continuation nevertheless
    3. The kingdom of God, see God's calling and Plan for his people
  14. The Missionary Commandment, OT and NT
  15. Why Study Biblical Prophecy?
  16. Why Pray for Israel?
    1. Presuppositions for intercessory prayer
      1. Prayer is addressed to God whose character is unchanging
      2. The Torah law has never been annulled
      3. Repentance unto the forgiveness of sin is an unchanging principle
      4. The existence of generational sin, of collective/corporate and national sin
      5. Individual and corporate responsibility are complementary
      6. Individual and collective guilt (for instance generational sin) coexist
      7. Repentance over generational sin
    2. Examples of intercessory prayer
      1. Intercessory (priestly, substitutionary) prayer identifying with the people's guilt
      2. Prayer in relations to one's forefathers
      3. Confession on behalf of the sins of others (intergenerational solidarity)
        1. for the forgiveness of the sins for past generations
        2. identifying with the sinfulness of others in seeking for one's own sins
    3. He is waiting for Israel to return
    4. Prayer for the sake of Jerusalem
    5. False prophets deceive them
    6. To provoke Israel to jealousy
    7. Because of His faithfulness in spite of their disobedience
    8. The main obstacle has been removed, the two are one
    9. To remove the blindness of Israel
    10. the battle is a spiritual one
    11. for many other reasons
  17. Difficulties
  18. Appendix

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Furthermore: The reason why there is no confusion over 'personal repentance' is that I extended the link beyond these two words and covered the brackets after them. The brackets are different but they got lost on the Expanded Chapters Page. Why? Why? Is that the price we need to pay?

admin-pem — 13 November 2007, 19:18

Question: in I.A.3.a and I.A.3.b both are linked to 'personal relationships' and yet the twp refs-pages are not confused. Why was there confusion in case of XVI.1.A.3. and XVI.A.7. where both were linked to the title word 'repentance?' I had to give XVI.A.7. a different link than 'repentance' because repentance brought up the page XVI.A.1.3. which made me lose the work I had done on page XVI.A.7.

admin-pem — 13 November 2007, 16:53

QUESTION: produces nothing because it is represented by #### The decimal numbering is weird. The difference between the two ref-pages is obliterated because the referents are identical. I.A.3.a said 'on an individual basis', I.A.3.a said ' on a corporate basis.'

  1. I.A.3.a. personal relationships ?
  2. I.A.3.b. personal relationships ?; cf. III.

admin-pem — 10 November 2007, 21:09

Note that Nov 10 07 Section I was repaired since it lost the A. for some reason.

bernie — 31 October 2007, 22:08

I will also look into why the "Edit" etc. link on the right, now apear on the bottom.

bernie — 31 October 2007, 22:07

Links can only have underscores for now ... will look into why.

admin-pem — 29 October 2007, 21:50

The content of this page needed to be copy-pasted from the original one into a new one in order to create a link to it on the TOC Chapters page. (I had changed the Name of I. The God of Israel Entire TOC, Expanded Chapters (because I had developed the total TOC structure under that title ba mistake)

admin — 29 October 2007, 16:57

Correction: what I called "IIP Concordance Structure" is actually seen in html on /in_depth/concordance_site_map.html

admin — 29 October 2007, 16:40

Rather than "I. The God of Israel," this now is the mirror of the present IIP Concordance Structure. Perhaps it shoudl be copied into a new page with that title. We need to break it up into the XVIII sections (or groups?) each with the bold title and the Comments window.

pem — 29 October 2007, 15:32

Restructuring the two original files at the end of IV.: IV. name [now 4. IV. 8 IV. unconditional¨[now 4. IV. 9] to be listed under IV. (top of the list) 4: IV. 9 will to be collapsed as it exists already.