Mar 30, 2020


IV. B. 3. e. Israel's identity as the servant, son, light of the nations, overlapping with the Messiah's identity(1)

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Reference Relevant Comments
Isa 41:8,9
Isa 42:6
Isa 43:10
Isa 44:1-2
Isa 45:4
Isa 49:3,6,8
Isa 51:4
Hos 11:1
Mt 2:15

(1) See the article by Rabbi Jamie Cowen, Grasping some of the prophetic dimensions of Israel's calling to be the chosen nation. A Messianic-Jewish perspective (2002). This pdf-file is 4 pages, 132KB.

If you do not have an Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may download it here free of charge.

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