Mar 29, 2020


IV. B. 3. d. xix. a. return in unbelief in preparation of the end

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Reference Relevant Comments
Jer 3:12,14-15,22 [this seems to refer to a call for conversion as well as to a return to Israel]
Jer 32:37-40
Isa 11:11-12
Ezek 11:16-20
Ezek 20:34-38 ['they'- "by means of these judgments the rebels will be purged out," see Fruchtenbaum 1977, p.66]
Ezek 22:17-22
Ezek 36:22-24,31-32 [three times it is stated that this end time return is in unbelief, by grace] "“Israel had no claim on Yahwe, who had been entirely fair rejecting them from his land and favor. No, his own honor was at stake (cf. 20:9 and Comment). From this perspective the exile was intolerable, and its ending was a theological necessity, in order that Yahwe’s holiness or transcendent power might be vindicated in human history. The recognition formula fittingly caps the theme of the clearing of his name.” (World Bible Commentary, Ezekiel 20-48, Leslie C. Allen, 1990. World Books, Dallas TX, p. 178) See comment below.
Ezek 38:11,14
Ezek 39:25, 27-29 [one of the clearest texts for a return in unbelief]
Zeph 2:1-2
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iyjbfds — 31 March 2013, 13:44

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Imran — 31 March 2013, 04:04

Hi Jaunae,Thanks for you comment. Our huitnmay will lead us to doubt as you have pointed out. But as I mentioned it's what we do with that doubt which is what is important. I think it's easy to forget that God wants to strengthen our faith and dependence on Him. This is why we are faced with situations where we can either give into doubt and worry, or choose to trust in God and commit all things to His sovereign reign. But that's tough!!!! I had a look at your blog site. I liked how you mentioned focussing on investing into important relationships are what really matters, as opposed to losing those extra couple of pounds. Mind you I still want to look after my physical health better developing relationships is no excuse to be lazy with our health

lohklhrmdr — 17 January 2012, 15:18

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Deejay — 15 January 2012, 19:19

Your story was really informtaive, thanks!

pmeier — 17 June 2009, 00:04

Ezekiel 36;22ff and related passages stand in obvious contradiction to the claim that "The message of the prophets was conistent with the warnings of the Torah. 'Repent and then return,' never the other way round." (St. Sizer, Zion's Christian Soldiers, IVP 2007, p. 87)