Apr 01, 2020


IV. B. 3. d. iv.áThe Land was not given to the Descendants of Ishmael as believed by Muslims, but rather to the Descendants of Isaac.

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Reference Relevant Comments
Gen 17:18-19
Gen 25:6 [Abraham sent Ishmael's descendants, the "sons of Keturah" to "the land of the east," obviously the remaining part of the Middle East]
Gen 26:3
Gen 27:2-3
1Chron 16:16
Ps 105:9
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Faisal Malick has written a very impotrant book that calls all followers of Christ to see the other side of the equation. Even as the day will come when a nation will be born in one day and the Jewish people will corporately embrace Jesus as Messiah, so also will they be severely chastised before this happens. There are two sides to this equation. So also will it be with the Muslim peoples. When Christ returns, he will literally slay the enemies of Israel (His enemies) and decimate their nations. Despite the most commonly accepted teaching, these will be not primarily be the Western European nations but rather the Muslims nations that surround Israel. Yet even among the Muslim people's, a remnant will be saved. God's heart is for the Muslim peoples as much as it was for you and me while we were yet blind and in rebellion. Yet by his grace we were called. Thank You Father. Faisal does an excellent job of calling believers to the higher place of God's heavenly perspective. While not ignoring the fact that God will deal with the Muslim peoples, Faisal chooses instead to focus on the other side of the coin and calls us all into that essential place of intercession, where we look and act the most like our heavenly intercessor and Lord. Faisal also calls upon all believers to yield to the Holy Spirit's activity in our ministries and lives as we lovingly reach out to Muslims. While I would say that some of Faisal's claims (that a billion Muslims are about to come into the Kingdom) may come across as a bit televangelist hypey / pollyannaish, I simply see this as part of Faisal's positive personality and calling and I am happy to forgive his sometimes over-the-top prophetic enthusiasms. And mind you, I would love to be proven wrong, but Scripturally speaking, I do not see a revival of this degree. Instead, like Israel, the Scriptures seems to point us to a remnant being saved. But even a remnant among 1.6 Billion would be substantial and would represent an unheard-of in history revival. So despite my limited cautionary criticisms, overall, I see this book as being a crucial counter-balance to much of the acidic atmosphere that exists today within the Church toward the Muslim community. Five stars.