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III. F.áThe so-called 'Ten Lost Tribes of Israel

á (see VIII.A.3.) (1)

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Reference Relevant Comments
2Kgs 17:6
2Chr 30:11 [Israelites! - The ten tribes were not 'lost,' even if not all of them returned] (2)
Ezek 37:15-28
Zec 10:6
Ac 26:7
James 1:1

(1) See Varner, William. Jacob's Dozen, A PROPHETIC LOOK AT THE TRIBES OF ISRAEL, chapter 11 and 12. Varner in refuting the claims of British-Israelism and theories that embraced it quotes David Baron, The History of the Ten "Lost" Tribes. Also see Tony Garland's chapter on the same topic under www.spiritandtruth.org: The Ten Lost Tribes

A Short Summary of "The Ephraimite Error", A Position Paper Submitted to the International Messianic Jewish Alliance, Author: Kay Silberling, Ph.D. (Advisory Board: Kay Silberling, Ph.D., Daniel Juster, Th.D., David Sedaca, M.A.) This study presents the reasons why the I.M.J.A. concludes that < the Ephraimite, or "Two House" movement is in error .>

(2) see FFOZ, Torah Club, Vol. 3, Toledot, p. 98

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