Apr 01, 2020


III. A. God's choice of Israel (chosenness)

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Reference Relevant Comments
Ex 19:5-6
Ex 33:15-16
Num 14:13-20
Deut 4:7-8
Deut 7:7-8
Deut 10:15
2Sam 7:23-24
1Kgs 8:53
Psa 114:1-2
Jer 13:11
Isa 43:8-12; 8-9
Isa 43:21 (cf Jn 15:16)
Jn 15:16
Isa 49:16
Am 3:2
Zec 2:12
Zec 8:13
Rom 9:11
Rom 9:20-21
Rom 11:33-34
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