Apr 01, 2020


II. B. 3. a. God uses nations to judge Israel

only to be judged themselves where they go too far

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Reference Relevant Comments
Isa 33:1 [the principle]
Assyria - Isa 10:5-19
Babylon - Isa 47
Edom and surrounding nations - Ezek 36:1-7
Persia - Zec 1:15
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lmansk — 06 April 2013, 09:33

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Fatema — 02 April 2013, 13:36

This brings up a qutosien: Given that protons have an incredibly long lifetime (potentially longer than the so-far age of the universe, according to Leonard Susskind, and that their partners in nucleon-hood have a wee short lifetime of about 15 minutes, how are any atoms stable? Every 15 minutes a proton could have to make up for a neutron loss and become a neutron ( If they’re unequal, then a neutron will turn into a proton , or a proton will turn into a neutron to even out the levels. ) An atom could become that of an altogether different element roughly every 15 minutes. As this clearly doesn't happen, what am I missing?