Apr 01, 2020


II. B. 2. God is a Holy God who judges individuals and nations who refuse to acknowledge him as Creator

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Reference Relevant Comments
Gen 12:3
Deut 8:20
Ezra 9:11
Rom 1:18-21
Rev 19:11-18
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Yusuf — 26 July 2012, 08:28

Actually, there are cases when the White Knight also gets abusive. When the lady isn't as easliy rescued as he thought, when the problems won't go away, when he don't get to have that feeling of being Good Hero Man (some are in it because solving someones problem is a huge kick), or when the woman won't allow him to fetichize her, the building frustration can topple over into resentment. Which might lead to some really ugly psychological mechanisms.I was in such a relation that went rotten and the (mostly) psychological abuse left me with PTSD, social anxiety, panic attacks, fatigue syndrome, GAD and vulvodynia ON TOP of the depression I had when I met him. Still dealing with it years later. So, no, the relationship was not golden for him either (it's not easy to live with someone who is ill), but the denial and frustration that comes with the White Knight syndrome can be powerful destructive forces as well. I feel that while mentioning the manipulation this article down-played this factor: It's not all blue eyed gullibleness.Now, I'm not saying that all White Knights are abusive, not even remotely so. In fact I think that is the extreme. But I think that White Knights all over need to reflect on the possibility that they are causing more harm than good with their behaviour even when they are oh, so good, they can become enablers or cement the problems by not letting the person get well (which would lead to them not needing the White Knight anymore). People who are ill or addicted are very, very vulnerable. Even the best intentions can go horribly wrong if one is not flexible and realistic about the situation, oneself and the person in question.