Mar 30, 2020


II. A. God ordained and rules the nations

(his dominion over them)

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Reference Relevant Comments
Gen 17:20; 21:13,18; 25:16
Exodus 9:16 The whole world is to know who the God of Israel is; quoted according to the LXX by the apostle Paul in Romans 9:17
1Samuel 9 He revealed to Samuel - the man who receives revelations - that Saul was to be th first King of Israel
2Sam 17:14 the Lord had decided (to use Hushai - see David's prayer in 2Sam 15:31 ) to thwart the counsel of Ahithophel.
1Kgs 12:15,24 God uses prophets to direct the flow of history
1Kgs 19:15-16 Eli receives the assignment to anoint Hazael as King of Syria and Jehu as King of Israel. Both are to be instruments of God's judgment.
2Kgs 19:25
1Chron 16:31,33
Ezra 1:1 King Cyrus called by he God of Israel
Ezra 6:22
Ezra 7:27
Ps 2:4
Ps 2:9
Ps 22:3,28
Ps 33:9-10 [God the Creator is the Lord of history; His word has creative power]
Ps 93:1
Ps 96:10
Ps 97:1
Ps 99:1-2
Ps 105:7
Proverbs 21:1 the King's heart...
Isa 2:2-4 [the nations will live in peace in God's Kingdom]
Ezek 29:19-20 [the role of Nebukadnetsar, see II.A.6, II.B.3, II.B.7, II.C.7]
Dan 2:21
Micah 4:1-3; Isa 2:2-4
Rev 12:5
Rev 19:15
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1Samuel 9 added because it demonstrates God's foreknowledge and direction regarding the personal and political affairs of man