Mar 29, 2020



  1. II. God and the Nations. The God of History
    1. II.A God rules the nations
      1. II.A.1. God decided the national boundaries
      2. II.A.2. God put man in a moral universe
      3. II.A.3. Primeval mandate to scatter and fill the earth
      4. II.A.4. Babylon refuses to 'scatter and fill' the earth
      5. II.A.5. God speeds up the process of diversification
      6. II.A.6. God rules / judges the nations
    2. II.B. Judgment against the nations
      1. II.B.1. God is a jealous God
      2. II.B.2. God is a holy God
      3. II.B.3. God judges in relation to Israel
        1. II.B.3.a. God uses nations to judge Israel
      4. II.B.4. God judges negative attitudes of Israel's neighbours
      5. II.B.5. God uses diseases etc. as judgments
      6. II.B.6. God allows the land itself to spew out nations
      7. II.B.7. God uses nations to judge nations
      8. II.B.8. God uses Israel to judge nations
        1. II.B.8.a. nations in the immediate vicinity
        2. II.B.8.b. all other nations without total extermination
      9. II.B.9. God judges nations whose iniquity is full
      10. II.B.10. God is righteous in his judgment
      11. II.B.11. God allows heathen nations to test Israel's loyalty
      12. II.B.12. The final judgment, 'the days of Jacob's trouble'
      13. II.B.13. Apocalyptic judgment on the whole earth
      14. II.B.14. All mankind shall worship the Messiah, God of Israel
    3. II.C. God's plan with specific nations
      1. II.C.1. Egypt and its gods
      2. II.C.2. Ethiopia
      3. II.C.3. Syria and Iraq
      4. II.C.4. Jordan
      5. II.C.5. Palestine
      6. II.C.6. Assyria
      7. II.C.7. Phoenicia
      8. II.C.8. Babylon
      9. II.C.9. Lebanon
      10. II.C.10. Greece
      11. II.C.11. USA
    4. II.D. Salvation for the nations
      1. II.D.1. people from every ethnic group and language
      2. II.D.2. nations will be joined to His people
      3. II.D.3. nations will glorify God in heaven
    5. II.E. Toward a prototype for all nations