Apr 01, 2020


I. The God of Israel, the Most High (uniqueness, exclusiveness), cf. IV.B.3.a.ii.

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Reference Relevant Comments
Ex 15:11 יהוה = Adonai
Deut 3:24b
Deut 4:39,32-34
Deut 10:17
Deut 32:39
Deut 33:29
Josh 3:11; 4:24
1Sam 2:2
1Sam 26:15
2Sam 7:22
1Chron 17:20
2Kings 19:15
Ps 35:10
Ps 77:13-15
Ps 89:7-9
Ps 113:5

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Reference Relevant Comments
Isa 40:25-26,18
Isa 43:10-13
Isa 44:6-8,19
Isa 45:6
Isa 64:4
Jer 10:7
Jer 14:22
Mic 7:18
Zech 14:9
Mal 1:11
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Mason — 20 January 2010, 03:09

יהוה is transliterated as Yehovah, not Adonai.