Mar 29, 2020


VII. B. 1. The relationship between the Church and Israel

  • the (adopted) family of God

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OT - God's (adopted) family:

Reference Relevant Comments
Deut 23:6
Isa 1:2
Isa 51:2
Isa 63:8,16
Isa 64:8

NT - God's (adopted) family:

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Reference Relevant Comments
Mat 12:50 (Gentile part of family)
Mat 25:40 (Jewish part of family)
Rom 8:15,23
Rom 9:4 (Jewish part of family)
Gal 4:5
Eph 1:5
Eph 4:4-6 (One Father for all)
Heb 2:11 (One Father for all)
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This piece was conget, well-written, and pithy.

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