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Hungarian rabbi who came to believe that Jesus is the Messiah. The outraged Jewish community forced him to flee, so he studied at a divinity school in Scotland, emigrated to the United States in 1892 with his family, and opened a storefront classroom/church in a heavily Jewish section of Brooklyn. On weekday evenings Cohn provided free English lessons, using the New Testament as a text; on weekends he preached. Later he opened a medical clinic and a kosher food kitchen, and delivered free coal to the Jewish poor, telling each person he helped, "Receive this in the name of Jesus." He also opened a sewing school at which over 200 girls and their parents hear about Christ, with many coming to believe. In 1894, he founded the Brownsville Mission to the Jews later continued as Chosen People Ministries. The work was continued by his son Joseph Hoffman Cohn (1886-1953).

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