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Le Catholicisme en Angleterre, a speech delivered at Mechlin, also in English (Paris, 1864). Gloire à Marie (1849). Amour à Jésus (1851). Fleurs du Carmel; Couronnement de la Madonne; Thabor (1870). five collections of sacred songs with accompaniment, pious but somewhat shallow; this also holds good of his Mass (1856).
Catholic Encyclopedia. With more details: Hebrew Catholic
Born in Hamburg, Germany, pianist virtuoso Franz Liszt’s favorite pupil followed a dissipate life in the gaiety of Paris. At the age of 26 in May 1847 the idea to become Catholic dawned after experiencing a strange agitation and compulsion to bend towards the ground during communion at the Sainte-Valère Church in Paris. Attending mass produced an interior joy that absorbed all his faculties. Eventually, he was overwhelmed with repentance for his dissolute life, and placed himself under Father Legrand who connected him with Father Theodor Ratisbonne. He was baptized at the chapel of Our Lady of Zion in 1947, spent the next two years paying off his debts. In July, 1849 he entered the Monastery of the Order of Mount Carmel, where he became known as Father Augustine Mary, a famous preacher throughout Europe from 1852 until his death from smallpox contracted as he ministered to French prisoners in Spandau, near Berlin in 1870.

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