Apr 06, 2020


Our Vision Statement

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About the purpose of this site.

To rediscover the designed purposes for the Jews and the Church in God’s prophetic plan.

What this project IS about

This web site is a free multi-language online study tool designed to accurately present the role of Israel in God’s prophetic plan from a Messianic perspective.

What this project is NOT about

This website is not about controversial eschatological issues (i.e. pre-tribulation, mid-tribulation, post-tribulation rapture, predicting the coming of the Messiah, etc.); rather, it is focused on the role of Israel – past, present and future in God’s redemptive plan for mankind.

Why this website is needed

We have noted that even the most respected concordances that were published in the last century have very little to say – and the little that was said was often inaccurate – about the topic of Israel in prophecy. There is no other topical concordance that specializes in the prophetic plan of redemption. Israel in almost every case is falsely interpreted as being exclusively the church.

Target Audience

We seek to reach two groups of believers in the Messiah:

  1. Uninformed/Misinformed Christians: These believers do not correctly understand the crucial role Israel plays in God’s prophetic plan. Typically, people in this group have been unknowingly influenced by Replacement Theology; they are also unaware of the subtle antisemitic doctrines present in the Church.
  2. “Olive-tree” theology believers: These believers understand Israel’s role among the nations and are aware of the differences between Israel and the Church, but would like to learn more about this truth, or need help explaining these truths to those who do not yet understand.


  • To educate those who not correctly understand the crucial role of Israel.
  • To provide an apologetic/teaching tool for those who are trying to show to others the past, present and future consequences of relating rightfully (and wrongfully) to Israel

How the objectives are accomplished

  1. Key Issues— Originally we called this the “shallow end” of the website because it is directed to beginners, and succinctly challenges common misconceptions about Israel that many have accepted as truth. Key Issues (18 and growing) include:
  • Has God really said that the Church is spiritual Israel”?
  • Has God really said that the natural olive tree (Israel) should be, and will be, replaced by the wild olive trees (the gentiles)?
  • Has God really said that the Jews cannot be reached before the return of Jesus the Messiah, and consequently, Christians do not need to share the gospel with unbelieving Jews?
  1. Thematic Concordance – This is the “deeper end” of the website, and is geared toward those who wish to do their own research. This section is a topical concordance that facilitates accessing passages concerning various topics & subtopics related to Israel’s role in prophecy.
  2. Bibliographies – an always growing thematic compilation of excellent books/publications that expound upon the website’s topics. This is the specialized work of our ‘site bibliographer.’
  3. PowerPoint Shows – these are intended to be downloaded for group studies and as everything else on this site are under development. There is a lot ‘out there’ that is not always easy to find. We are trying to help you make the search easier.

Summary of Benefits

  • Education resource for the layman
  • Apologetic tool to help pastors, leaders, and diligent disciples more effectively communicate the role and importance of Israel to their peers and students, as well as the distinctions between Israel and the Church in God’s prophetic plan. Available 24 hours, free of charge.
  • Multi-lingual website : under development in English, French and German . (We are praying that God will send us translators for other languages.)
  • Messages on the website are highly relevant to:
    1. Ephesians 2, One New Man, Yeshua has broken down the “middle wall of partition”
    2. The Jewish roots of Christianity, the wild olive branch grafted into the natural olive tree
    3. The antisemitism in Replacement Theology
    4. The need for the Church to repent of its antisemitic doctrines
    5. Why pray for Israel
    6. The Preparation of "the Bride"

Ongoing development makes it a“fluid” resource that can address new needs/issues/ideas/questions pertinent to Israel in prophecy, as the need arises. For a blog on the history of this site click here.

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